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What are some of the lesser known money saving tips in supermarkets

1. Try to choose to go to the supermarket shopping by the way or take the free shuttle bus, so that both convenient and can save the transportation expenses to the supermarket. In the way home from work shopping, can save time, many communities have free shopping shuttle, take the free shuttle shopping not only can directly from the community to the supermarket and back, and do not have to spend money, but also do not have to rush, you can rest assured that the purchase and then carry things home.

2. When shopping try to bring reusable shopping bags, since the country has taken a ban on plastic bags policy, supermarkets no longer provide free shopping small plastic bags, replaced with a fee for environmentally friendly biodegradable plastic bags, each bag is charged, if each shopping you have to buy bags, then it will cost a little more money. If you bring home can be used repeatedly shopping bags, not only strong, and do not have to spend the money to buy shopping bags.  

3. If it is convenient, try to choose a later time to go shopping, many supermarkets are closed at nine o’clock in the evening, but if you go shopping before closing, you are often able to buy some special offers. These goods are mainly food, such as bread, burgers, etc., as well as fresh vegetables and fruits, this is because these things have a strict shelf life limit, after a day they are difficult to sell, try to discount. Of course, the purchase of these things must also be rational, do not buy a bunch of hoarding, and finally because they can not eat in time are thrown away, instead of a loss.

4. attention to the activities of supermarkets, supermarkets often go to the community to issue shopping concessions leaflets, these leaflets things in the concession period is quite cheap, if you happen to have the corresponding procurement needs, then you must take advantage of the activities to buy, the same goods, spend less money. At the same time, supermarkets often issue some coupons, you can also collect them and make good use of them, when they can come in handy to take out cash.

5. Before going to the supermarket shopping, make a detailed list of things that can be bought or not to buy as far as possible, until the need to buy, otherwise you will buy a lot of things that have no practical meaning back, not only can not use, but also need to be dedicated to keep them occupied and spend energy. When shopping, pay more attention to those things placed on the bottom of the inconspicuous, those things are often specials or low-priced goods, may be that the packaging is not good, but very practical.

In addition, there are several supermarkets around a community, each with different characteristics, that is, the same type of goods, the price is different in different supermarkets, for example, A supermarket oil and rice cheap, but B supermarket is meat and toilet paper cheap, in the process of frequent shopping try to accumulate experience, more comparisons, so that you can buy what you need at affordable prices in the right supermarket.

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