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Hand washing methods and home delivery cleaning, what are the washing methods for cosplay costumes?

In this article, we will go over how to wash your cosplay costume and some considerations for different materials.

Many people may wear cosplay costumes to hobby events, Halloween parties, and amusement parks. How do you wash your favorite cosplay costume afterward? Can I wash it at home? You may want to know.

In this article, we will go over how to wash your cosplay costume and some considerations for different materials.

Can I wash my cosplay costume at home?

Cosplay costumes can be washed at home
If your cosplay costume has a washing label, you can check the washing instructions. However, many COSPLAY costumes are handmade and do not have laundry labels, so there is no way to know if they are washable. Check the materials used to determine if they are washable.

Can they be washed in a washing machine?

Some COSPLAY costumes can be washed in a machine, such as those made of cotton, just like any other garment. However, unfortunately, most COSPLAY costumes are not machine washable.

If possible, it is best not to use a washing machine.
Many COSPLAY costumes have intricate decorations and are made of delicate materials, so it’s best to avoid using the washing machine if possible. If you force yourself to use the washing machine, the decorations may come off, or the fabric may wrinkle …….. It would be sad if you ruined an important COSPLAY costume just because you put it in the washing machine once. It’s best to avoid using the washing machine whenever possible.

Can I wash my costume by hand?

It is possible to hand wash cosplay costumes. When hand washing, you can carefully and meticulously wash the costume to ensure that the colors have not faded and that any decorations have not been removed. However, please note that some materials can be hand washed and some cannot.

Washable materials

In the case of COSPLAY costumes, even if the material is essentially washable, it is not durable and cannot be scrubbed.

It is important to check the condition of the material by washing it by hand. Be careful not to damage it or cause wrinkles or fading when washing the costume.

Cotton material

May cause fading and wrinkling.

For example shrine maiden, ninja


Heat sensitivity may cause wrinkling and shrinkage.

Example: Princess, maid


Some materials may cause loss of shape

Examples: prince, butler, comedian


Sensitive to heat, may wrinkle

Avoid using dryers.

Examples: police officers, characters


Be careful of snagging.

For example maids, princesses

Non-washable materials

Many COSPLAY costumes are made of materials that cannot be washed. It would be difficult to wash them at home and have your cosplay costume deformed or faded in color. Avoid washing costumes that are difficult to clean.


Not to be washed at home Washing can cause distortion.

For example, heroes


Washing may cause it to flake

Vulnerable to moisture, which can cause mold and mildew

E.g. bulletproof vests, police


Fur can shed or become flat when washed

Example: animal cosmetics

Pleated fabrics

Fabric may lose folds and become wrinkled when washed

Example: Uniforms

It is best to change the washing method according to the material of cosplay costumes or everyday clothes.


How to wash cosplay costumes by hand

How to wash cosplay costumes by hand
If you want to wash your cosplay costume ……, what should you do? Hand washing is recommended because you can gently wash it while you check it yourself. Let’s take a look at the washing method.

Washing supplies to prepare

(If the costume is big, you can use a bucket or a bathtub)
Neutral fashion garment detergent (DELICATE SOAP/Fashion garment detergent)
Warm water (30℃-40℃)

Higher water temperatures will increase cleaning ability but may cause fading and shrinkage. It is important to wash in lukewarm water.

How to hand wash

Here’s how to hand wash your cosplay costume. Follow the order of instructions and wash carefully.

If the material is dark, you may wish to apply a little neutral detergent to check if the color has faded.

1. Prepare the washing solution

Make a washing-up liquid by adding warm water and neutral detergent to the sink. It is important to keep the warm water between 30°C and 40°C to prevent the color from fading. Make sure to add the correct amount of detergent as directed on the back of the detergent bottle.

2. Push wash.

Fold the COSPLAY costume, place it in the wash basin and push wash. When push washing, remove the dirt gently and carefully. Be careful not to scrub too roughly, as this will damage the fabric.

3. rinse.

Rinse to wash away the detergent and dirt from the cosplay costume. Use plenty of water to wash away detergent and dirt.

4. Spin.

Hold the cosplay costume in a large towel and wipe off the water. Gently wrap the costume with your hands to dehydrate it.

5. Drying.

Dry in a cool place. Avoid direct sunlight, which may cause the color to fade.


We recommend the “home dry cleaning” method.

Home-delivery dry cleaning is recommended
Many people may find it a bit awkward to bring their COSPLAY costumes to the dry cleaners; these costumes are bulky and many people find it difficult to carry them around. That’s why you should use “home delivery cleaning”.

What is home delivery cleaning?

Home Delivery Cleaning is a service that allows you to send your clothes from your home or convenience store without having to bring them to the dry cleaner yourself. By using pickup, you can send your clothes to be cleaned without even leaving your home once.

Some dry cleaners also offer long-term storage services where they store your clothes in a warehouse for a long period of time. So, for COSPLAY clothes that you don’t use very often, it might be a good idea to use a long-term storage service so that your closet doesn’t become too bulky.

Advantages of using a home delivery cleaning service

A home delivery cleaning service is a convenient service that is easy to use even for people who are usually very busy.

What are the advantages of a home delivery cleaning service?

You can send and receive your clothes at your own convenience.

It is sometimes cheaper than dry cleaning.

You don’t have to take your clothes to the store.

You can also leave the storage of your clothes to us with our long-term storage service.

You can send your cosplay costume without being seen.

Home delivery for cleaning is convenient and in some cases, depending on the company, more economical than regular dry cleaners.

Even those who are embarrassed to send their cosplay costumes to the cleaners can use this service with confidence because they can be packed and shipped.




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