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There is no one, who can love anyone for life

Men and women in love, from time to time, will express or confirm their love to each other.

Will ask each other whether they love themselves, and when the other party answered love over, and will ask each other, will love themselves for how long.

Every now and then, couples in love always like to say that they will love each other for a lifetime.

Such a promise, many people like to say, many people also like to listen, and at that moment, many men and women, but also always will take this statement seriously, think it is all true.

Even, unknowingly, there will be each other’s gray hair in front of you, holding the way forward.

Love a person, and each other have been loving, grow old together, think about it, it’s really good.

But, in reality, there is never a relationship that is as good as the original, and there is no one who can really love anyone for life, always so enthusiastic, never change their minds.

There are too many feelings that break up as they go along.

The world of adults, I believe that everyone is the same, have seen or heard a lot of love experience.

And in this, we will find that really only one relationship, together to the end of the people, is never a rare, particularly rare, ten people among them, there may not be one.

In contrast, more people, but only after a period of time together with a person, and then broke up.

The vow is still in your ears, each other in getting along with each other because of various contradictions, no longer feel that each other is what they want, and simply do not want to go on with each other, than still love each other, but only left with endless disappointment.

After that, how much you wanted to live with each other before, after how much you want to stay away from each other.

Anyway, the first said that they will love each other for life, that is their own true words, but then no longer love, only hope that each other no longer have any involvement, can have a new beginning, that is also true.

The world is unpredictable, too much emotion, after all, can not consume the rice and oil, but also can not resist the changes of the years, and on the road ahead, no matter what time, everyone also had the right to make a choice again.

Always together, there will only be no love early.

I know a couple who met each other in college, after graduation, the woman did not agree to marry them, the man even went directly to the woman’s city, where he found a job to settle down.

The two people love each other more than gold, it took several years to finally win the consent of the family, into the marriage.

It is so in love, very identified with each other’s two people, time rushed, a few years later, their days are just very dull, each other will still often blame each other, the eyes have long been no love.

They also often say that each other but only for the sake of the children, choose to make do with go.

Indeed, no matter how much they love each other, in fact, this love, it is still very difficult to maintain.

Between men and women, with the time together for a long time, have seen each other in the morning messy look, have seen each other sloppy look, have seen each other’s character among the very bad side, the novelty has long faded, naturally will only feel some tired.

Most couples, support each other to go on together, but never love, but only the heart of the bear, and the inner sense of responsibility, know how to change heart is an instinct, but loyalty is the choice to have.

Always think of a person, but also is just an illusion.

There will also be some cases, there are some people, in the past years, the heart very like a person, but unfortunately, at the time did not have time to have something with each other, and did not have the opportunity to be together.

When each other began to go apart, each with a brand new life, no more how many interactions, some people will choose to forget, some people will always miss that past, but also always have fantasies about that person’s heart.

Even really someone, the miss has been maintained, unknowingly missed a lifetime.

It seems to love that person for life, the reality is often that what they miss is just an imagination.

It is not always still love each other, just their own heart of regret, so they have been holding on to the past not to let go.

The actual fact is that you will not be able to get rid of the problem, so you will always be able to escape from the present, pouring all of your emotions into the past, and also beautifying the person in your memories, in order to give a comfort to the present.

The first thing you need to do is to get rid of the problem.

One of the truths of love is that there is no one who can love anyone for life.

We can’t be so single-minded all the time, and others can’t do the same.

The only thing that can be said is that at the very beginning, we will be so, the other party is also.

After all, there are too many good people in the world, and the temptation is never too much.

Of course, this does not mean that one can be unfaithful, can always follow their own heart, see a love one, completely take love as a game, not at all serious.

You should know that love is never just a feeling, but also a responsibility.

All the feeling, will only return to nothing, and we need to do, is to choose a person, and then be faithful to each other, as far as possible to manage the relationship, so that the relationship can be long and long.

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