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Is it reasonable to eat before paying for a supermarket purchase

Last night I went to the supermarket to buy something.

It so happened that this supermarket was having a weekend special, a special price on durian for a limited time, and a group of people were crowded there to choose.

There was a woman with her 8 or 9 year old daughter who was also choosing durian. The two mothers and daughters chose the durian and weighed it too.

The staff wrapped the durian in a thick paper shell and a large plastic bag and handed it to them.

Then, the two mothers and daughters did not immediately check out and leave, but continued to stroll in the supermarket, while strolling to open the slit of the durian opening and take out the durian meat to eat up ……

The staff saw it and reminded them to check out after the supermarket to eat. They also threw a sentence, anyway, we have to pay for.

At that time, there were too many people in the supermarket, chaos, the staff was too busy, and did not care about the mother and daughter.

When I went to the checkout counter, I found this mother and daughter also in the checkout line. When it was the mother and daughter’s turn, they secretly put the durian in a basket next to the checkout (some supermarkets have baskets at the checkout for goods that people have chosen and don’t want to buy). They eat it, but don’t check out.

This behavior is definitely not right. Just like this mother and daughter, the behavior is unreasonable.

I have seen some people in supermarkets before, they also have taken a bottle of water, first unscrewed and drank, and then to the counter checkout. As long as the supermarket does not explicitly prohibit this behavior, eaten to check out, it is nothing too harsh.

So, the key to this matter is also: if you take the supermarket things first open eat, then, regardless of whether the thing meets your expectations, whether it is delicious, you have to pay for their own behavior, no less than the bill.

Finally, as it relates to the education of children, adults still need to set a good example. We do emphasize the idea of delayed gratification when educating children.

Delayed gratification is the ability to overcome current difficulties and strive for long-term benefits. In layman’s terms, it is the ability to endure. This ability is extremely important and should be trained from an early age.

For example, some parents do not pay attention to the education of their children, resulting in children watching TV while doing homework, looking around in class, and playing games before they finish their homework. Then, this kind of children who are not trained to delay gratification, when they grow up, are prone to impatience, lack of patience, frustration and frustration, encounter pressure, retreat, do not know what to do.

I believe that no parent wants their child to become like this.

Therefore, parents should start training their children to delay gratification from small things.

Like at the supermarket, it’s perfectly fine to let your child wait until after payment before eating.

Parents love their children, and they must plan for the long term. Education is no small thing.

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