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How to fold stockings: easy to take in and out and store neatly.

This time, we'll show you how to fold stockings.

Stockings can be worn in all seasons and in all situations.

This time, we’ll show you how to store those stockings.

The basics of stocking storage (how to fold them)

Folding stockings is very easy, and it is done in the following three steps.

How to fold


Fold in half from the folded vertical position.

Fold in half from the folded vertical position

Fold again.

Fold again

Tuck in the elastic part.

Holding the ends, fold one-third of the width of the three folds into the elastic part.

Tuck in the elastic part
When it forms a square, it is done!


Introduce storage ideas for keeping items neat and tidy

storage ideas for keeping items neat and tidy
There are many ways to store stockings and other items, but this time we will introduce a way to keep them neat and tidy.

Put them in a Ziploc bag

By putting them in a Ziploc bag, you remove the air and compress them.

By separating them by type, you can take a quick look at them and take them out.

Put them in a vertical storage box.

If they are about the same width as the stockings you just folded, you can keep them neatly in place without having them move in and out.

Put them in a storage box with dividers

By using bins with dividers, you can store things other than stockings, such as socks, in the same space.

How to care for dirty socks

How to care for dirty socks

Like socks, these items come into direct contact with the skin, so sebum and sweat are the main stains.

Basically, a mild alkaline solution is better for removing dirt from stockings, but since stockings are a delicate material, a neutral detergent (DAILY SOAP/clothes detergent) can be used in winter and in general.

Cleaning method

  1. Turn over the side with the most dirt (inner side) (outer side).
  2. Wash with a weak alkaline or neutral detergent.

The main materials of stockings are nylon and polyurethane, but polyurethane has a tendency to form hairballs, so it is recommended to use a washing net of small size and fine weave.


In this article, we have explained how to fold stockings and how to store them neatly.

Stockings are often used every day, so you need to be creative when storing them.

The method described can also be used for tights, so give it a try.





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