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How to get rid of wrinkles in your clothes? Here are some stretch-friendly tips and points to keep in mind when washing.

In this article, we'll show you how to get rid of wrinkles in your clothes without using an iron, how to stretch wrinkles, and how to wash and dry your clothes in a way that prevents wrinkles from forming!

Wrinkles from sitting for long periods of time, wrinkles from laundry, and creases in newly purchased clothes are all part of the wrinkle problem.

Many of us have sighed in the face of wrinkled clothes on a busy morning.

When you’re tired or in a hurry, getting out of the iron can be a challenge, and it takes time and energy to prepare.

In this article, we’ll show you how to get rid of wrinkles without using iron, how to stretch wrinkles, and how to wash and dry your clothes in a way that prevents wrinkles from forming!

What kind of clothes tend to wrinkle? What are the causes of wrinkles?

What kind of clothes tend to wrinkle

Clothes that wrinkle easily are those made from natural fibers, such as cotton and linen and those made from synthetic fibers, such as rayon and cupro.

Wrinkles are caused by the fabric shrinking when it comes into contact with water. Even if garments can be washed in water, wrinkles may be difficult to remove if they are not stretched and dried immediately after washing. Make sure you treat them immediately after washing them.

If you have trouble stretching wrinkles, “Is it made of wrinkle-free material?” is a good point to consider when choosing clothes.

Basically, most synthetic fabrics, such as wool, silk, and polyester, are said to be wrinkle-resistant.

In addition, recently there have been products that do not require ironing, such as no-iron shirts, and materials such as Solotex®, which can be worn all day and still retain their silhouette, even if the same 100% cotton is used.

Many of these products are made from a blend of natural and synthetic fibers, so check laundry labels to see if they contain materials that tend to wrinkle.

How to remove wrinkles from suits and shirts without ironing <steamer, sprayer, etc.>.

No matter how careful you are, clothes will always have wrinkles.

It’s hard to iron them every day in order to get rid of wrinkles.

Here we have a thorough explanation of tips and useful items to clean up wrinkles without ironing. Please try using the method that suits your lifestyle and scenario.

Using a clothing steamer

Using a clothing steamer
Steam from water stretches the fibers of clothes and removes wrinkles. A steamer is also excellent at disinfecting and deodorizing. It can also be used to stretch the folds of large knits and coats, as well as press out shirt collars, trouser folds, handkerchiefs, and ties.

If you prepare your gloves together, you can stretch wrinkles while hanging them on hangers.

Use a sprayer (water, deodorant spray, perfume spray, linen water) and a hair dryer.

Use a sprayer

Use a sprayer to gently wet your clothes and then pat or pull them to improve wrinkles. You can use deodorant spray (DAILY DEODORANT / Clothes Deodorizer) to remove odors and linen water to add your favorite scent. This is an easy way to handle emergencies when you can’t immediately apply an iron.

If you want to dry your clothes quickly, you can use a hair dryer. While stretching the wrinkles, blow the hair with warm air and finish with cold air to prevent the wrinkles from reappearing. Applying a hair dryer while stretching wrinkles with your hands is more effective.

If you are short on time, you can apply an electric fan to blow out the moisture quickly.

Hot towel.

Hot towel
For stubborn wrinkles that are difficult to remove, we recommend using a hot towel.

First, heat a towel moistened with water in a microwave oven to make a hot towel apply it to the wrinkled area and leave it for a while. After that, you can dry it as usual! Hot water evaporates more easily than water, so it takes less time to dry.

Hang in the bathroom

Hang in the bathroom
The steam that accumulates in the bathroom after a shower helps to stretch out wrinkles. Hang it up in a dry place before you take a shower to make it easier in the morning. You can easily stretch wrinkles without using tools.

Using wrinkle-reducing sprays

Using wrinkle-reducing sprays
The wrinkle remover spray (stretch wrinkle spray) contains ingredients such as silicones that have the effect of stretching wrinkles. Even if you don’t have much time, for example before going out, you can quickly reduce the wrinkles that bother you.

Use an iron.

Use an iron
If a skirt or shirt has wrinkles on the sleeves and hem, it is recommended to use an iron.

You can use a heated iron to hold the sleeves and hem and slide the iron over the sleeves and hem, which will stretch the wrinkles nicely. However, check the laundry label and set the temperature accordingly, as high temperatures can damage the garment. In addition, applying cold air at the end of the ironing process will prevent wrinkles from reappearing. If you have a portable iron, you can eliminate the wrinkles that plague you when traveling or on business.

Use the anti-wrinkle feature of your washing machine.

washing machine
Some washing machines, such as tumble models, have a mode called the air iron or steam iron function that can be used to straighten out wrinkles. You can try this after using the dryer, which tends to wrinkle easily.

Use weight clips.

These are often used in dry cleaners to keep the hem of the suit and vents (rips in jackets, etc.) from blowing up. The weight of the clips helps stretch the wrinkles and shape them.

Using the LG Styler

This is a closet that uses steam, vibration (shaking), and UV light to sanitize, remove odors and straighten out wrinkles. If you have a lot of suits or delicate material clothes, you might want to consider purchasing one.


No wrinkles! What are the key points when washing and drying?

The easiest way to prevent wrinkles is to prevent them before they form.

There are some simple precautions you can take when washing and drying your clothes, and you may find that wrinkles become less of a problem.

Please make an effort to make the methods described below a habit.

Pull wrinkles out of the way before washing.

Pull wrinkles out of the way before washing

When clothes are washed in their original unworn form, they tend to wrinkle easily. Use your hands to shape the clothes and pull the wrinkles out of the way before putting them in the washing machine.

Place them in the laundry net.

Place them in the laundry net

If your clothes are made of soft materials that tend to wrinkle or are shaped in a way that tends to knot, such as pants, place them in a separate laundry net to prevent wrinkles from forming.

Also, remember to put your underwear in the laundry net. This will help prevent wrinkles from getting tangled up with other laundry. It is safe to place socks as well as highly decorated undergarments in the net.

Use fabric softeners.

Use fabric softeners

Fabric softeners not only fluff clothes but also prevent wrinkles.

It also makes it easier to get clothes out of the washing machine because it prevents them from getting tangled up during the wash.

Reduce spinning time.

Reduce spinning time

Another way to avoid wrinkles is to “not spin completely”. In fact, wrinkles often occur during the dehydration stage. For delicate materials, a shorter dehydration time is recommended to avoid damaging the garment.

Pull wrinkles away before drying.

Pull wrinkles away before drying

Even before drying, wrinkles should be pulled away by hand and the garment should be panned and shaped.

Avoid using the dryer on garments that are prone to wrinkling, as wrinkles are more likely to appear.

Hang the top and bottom alternately for storage.

Hang the top and bottom alternately for storage.

A better storage method to avoid wrinkles is to alternate tops and bottoms on hangers. When storing shirts and pants on hangers, rows of identically shaped clothes can easily rub against each other, causing wrinkles.

Hang bottoms upside down.

Hang bottoms upside down

Bottoms with a lot of fabric and weight, such as slacks and pants with pleats in the middle, should be hung upside down. By hanging them upside down, with the hem facing up, the weight of the fabric will help stretch the wrinkles.

Store vertically.

Store vertically

When storing in a chest of drawers or closet boxes, it is recommended that they be arranged vertically. If you fold and then stack your clothes together, the weight of the clothes will cause them to wrinkle. This makes it easier to see which clothes you have and to consider how to coordinate them.


What is the situation?

Clothes made from materials such as cotton, linen, rayon, and cupro tend to wrinkle.

If you have trouble stretching wrinkles in the first place, ask yourself, “Are they made of materials that don’t wrinkle?” It should be a key factor in choosing a garment.

If you do have wrinkles, try using a clothing steamer or sprayer, or any of the other methods we mentioned.

In addition, “how you wash and dry your clothes” has a big impact on whether or not they will wrinkle.

Take steps to prevent and treat wrinkles and enjoy your favorite clothes in beautiful condition!








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